Q: How do I get to Maui?

A: Los Angeles friends, there are direct flights from LAX into Maui. New York friends - bad news: there are no direct flights. You'll have to stop by Oahu first then board another plane to Maui. The good news: Ohau to Maui is only around 30-45 min. 


Q: Do I need a car in Maui?

A: We'd definitely recommend getting one, especially if you're the exploring type and don't want to wait on cab drivers who operate on "island time". 


Q: Are taxis available?

A: Yes. They can get pricey but we noticed a lot of van cabs. So find some friends and split the ride. Plus, it's more environmentally friendly. 


Q: What if we want to drive to the wedding ourselves?

A: A few of you have asked if you have to take the shuttle or if you can drive up yourself. You can definitely drive up yourself, we just encourage you not to drink and drive and let us know so that the shuttle doesn't wait for you. 


Q: What's the best way to get to the shuttle pick up locations?

A: We recommend just catching a cab to the location. These locations are set near where people are staying so the cab ride won't be that expensive. But, our wedding planner also made sure each location has plenty of parking, so if you want to drive to the location, that's also an option. 




Q: What's the weather like in Ma.....

A. Just stop. You know this


Q:  Are you having an indoor or outdoor wedding? What shoes should I wear? Ugh, will my hair be all frizzy?

A:  We're having an outdoor wedding but there'll be tents. So, please, proceed with your fancy shoes. As for the hair, Ugh! We hate frizzy hair. We've yet to solve this one, so if anyone knows any good tricks to tame the frizz, let us know so we can let all y'all know.


Q: I'm like Ryan and mosquitos love the sweet juicy taste of my blood. What do I do?

A: Bring bug repellent. At the wedding try not to hang out underneath the mango tree. It's beautiful, yes, but if you're worried about bugs, there are other areas in the venue that are less likely to attract mosquitos. 




Q: Are kids allowed at the wedding?

A: Unfortunately, we are having an adult only wedding.


Q: Do you guys hate kids or something?

A:  No, we love the little buggers, but we just want all hard working adults to let loose, relax and have fun at the wedding. We think it's best to leave the little peeps at home this time around.


Q: I'm sort of seeing this new guy/girl but I don't have a +1 on the invite. Can I still bring him or her? 

A:  Though we're psyched about the new guy/girl and definitely want to meet them, for the actual night of the wedding and planned events, we're going to have to stick to our list and say sorry, no.  We're trying to keep ceremony small and intimate and filled with only people we know and love, so lo siento, amigos. 

Update: A few of you have emailed us about a +1. Sorry guys, guest list is closed, locked, vendor contracts signed,  you get the point.




Q: What do we wear?

A:  Y'all are a good looking crowd with impeccable style. Do it up.  Translation: Cocktail Attire - suits for guys and dresses for the ladies. Or, if you have some other fabulous thing in mind, go for it. Like we said, Do It Up.




Q: What if we want to get you guys something? What do you need?

A: A few of you have asked us this question and we want to say thank you for thinking of us. We're all good in terms of domestic necessities, but we do have a registry if you want to contribute. You can access that here. Or, if you want to get us something that's not on the registry, please don't bring it to Maui, have it sent here: 100 Jay St. #8B, Brooklyn NY 11201. Thank you!





Q: You guys are instagram addicts, I'm pretty sure you have a hashtag for this. Am I right?

A: You bet your butt we do! Please use: #MauiIsForLavas (MAUI IS FOR LAVAS)






1.  Embrace "Island Time". The lifestyle and pace is a lot slower than what our New York friends might be used to. Nobody is in a rush, so give yourself a bit more time so you don't have to be either - especially when it comes to things like catching a flight at the Maui airport. 


2. This should be a no-brainer, but, (we're looking at you, Los Angeleno friends), do not drink and drive. If you're thinking, dude, I'm totally cool, it's just a few beers and I've been doing this for more than a decade now, let us discourage you by saying- we saw multiple check points all over the island, the roads get pretty windy, there's very little street light, AND - you know, we kind of like you and don't want to see you get hurt. 


3. If you're staying at a place with a kitchen, Hawaii Costco's are the sh*t. We're talking fresh fruits, fresh caught fish, etc. Stock up on food and drinks and enjoy a homemade meal.


4. Don't honk at other cars. It's a huge faux pas in Hawaii. No joke. If someone is going slow, just take your time and relax and enjoy the drive. 




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